Midmark B18 autoclave - 18 liters

Midmark B18 autoclave - 18...
Midmark B18 autoclave - 18...
Midmark B18 autoclave - 18...
Midmark B18 autoclave - 18...
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Modèle Stérilisateur Classe B 18 L

Options available

Professional sterilization systems

Midmark and Promotal offer you the optimal solution and support you at each stage of the sterilization of your instrumentation.

The Midmark Class B autoclave inside features simple, reliable technology that makes it an ideal companion for sterilizing instruments in a demanding healthcare environment.

The style

Italian design with refined and refined lines even enhances the appearance of rooms in your office to which patients do not have access, while retaining decontamination surfaces that are easy to clean and complete capture data for effortless record keeping.

The advantages of the NEW Midmark Class B sterilizer

Pioneering technology

    • Faster printer
    • Closing mechanism
    • Faster door
    • Improved data logging functions
    • More intuitive user interface
    • Smarter diagnostics: simplified maintenance procedures and maximized effective usage time.


Whether you use your sterilizer 24/7 or less often, the Midmark Class B autoclave is the reliable and cost-effective unit your practice needs to process unpacked instruments for immediate use or bagged items that can be stored until needed. *

* Maximum storage time depends on local regulations and best practices.

Maximizing performance and efficiency

    • Fast pre-programmed cycles to ensure high performance and remove bottlenecks in your instrument flow.


Thanks to the successful alliance between vacuum, pressure and temperature, the Midmark sterilizer offers excellent vapor penetration in all types of load.

Class B cycle parameters precisely monitored and controlled throughout the cycle:

    • Ensuring maximum contact between the steam and the instrument and a uniform temperature distribution, thus establishing the optimal conditions for sterilization.
    • The most difficult areas of access to the most complex handpieces and dental instruments are exposed to the right conditions for sterilization.
    • Guaranteed quick, efficient and complete drying of the load thanks to our vacuum pulse, at the end of the cycle.

Water options

It's up to you how you fill and empty your Midmark sterilizer unit, based on your performance and proximity to equipment.

      • Fully autonomous unit : Internal tank which contains dirty water which should only be emptied after several cycles.
        • Autoclaves with final connection of your choice : If you have your own treated water supply, you can permanently fix the unit and connect it to the drainage system from your office. This further reduces handling for your staff by eliminating the need to carry heavy containers of water to and from your unit.

Or, you can combine the two for example, a manual feed with a fixed drain or a fixed feed with a manual drain.

Technical characteristics of the Midmark autoclave

Standard 18 L Midmark Chamber: ideal for general medical use in small to medium sized offices.

          • Depth in mm: 610
          • Width in mm: 505
          • Height in mm: 400
          • Chamber depth in mm: 381
          • Weight (empty) kg: 56

Alternatively, consider the longer version with the Midmark 23 L class B autoclave, which still fits comfortably on a standard work bench, but is perfect for higher performance surgeries where larger kits are of use

Norms and standards

  • Compliance with standard EN 13060
  • CE marking, in accordance with the European Directive on medical equipment.
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