Gynecology and Urology

Elite gynaecological and urological couch

  • Variable height gynecological couch (from 54cm to 115cm)
  • Extremely versatile: gynecology, urology, proctology
  • Wide choice of upholsteries
  • Choice of: Stirrups, Goeppel, Foot rest
  • Patient weight capacity 200kg

REF : 12620 / 12624 / 12630 / 12634 / 12524-01 / 12534-01

From €7,852.00 HT

Beaumond BX4000 gynaecological table

  • Gynecological couch with Electric variable height  (from 54cm to 115cm)
  • Foldable leg cushions (depending on model) or removable (optional)
  • Pair of handgrips
  • Pair of stirrups or legrests (depending on models)
  • Capacity up to 200kg

REF : BX4014-01 / BX4110-01 / BX4114-01 / BX4124-01

From €2,613.00 HT

Duolys medical couch

  • Electric variable height
  • Wide versatility (suitable for general and gynaecological examinations)
  • Integrated retractable stirrups*
  • Electric central backrest
  • Block’n Roll system: Easy to move and clean*

REF : 2065-10 / 2065-30 / 2060-30 / 2064-30

From €3,691.00 HT

Elansa gynaecological couch

  • Variable height gynecological table (from 46cm to 106cm)
  • Very easy to use and maintain
  • Choice of: Stirrups, Goeppel, Foot rest
  • Patient weight capacity 170kg 

REF : 11610-01 / 11614-01 / 11615-01

From €5,074.00 HT
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