Medical trolley with castors and drawers

Carrousel 6 tiroirs pieds à hauteur variable modèle 3 côtes sur plateau supérieur
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A handy medical trolley for all circumstances

The medical trolley on castors is a variable height trolley with drawers (type carousel). Its height adjustable gas piston foot allows you to adjust the height of your furniture to the most convenient height for your exam situation. With 6 drawers in front and 3 trays (2 rear, 1 above), this medical trolley on wheels will be very convenient to store and organize your medical utensils.

With 5 castors, it will be very easy to switch from drawers to trays. It is perfectly stable with its 5 branch base and the guard rails on different trays. It avoid your medical instruments to slip nor fall.

The materials used in the design of the medical trolley with castors you provide easy cleaning for maximum hygiene.

Standard features of the Promotal medical trolley with castors and drawers:

  • 5 branch brillant polish finish aluminium base.
  • Lamined white press.
  • Variable height
  • 5 castors - ø 75mm
  • 3 guard rails on upper tray (+1 in option).
  • Useful dimensions of the 6 drawers : 20 x 30 x 11,5cm
  • Top tray: 550x550mm - 3 galleries (+ 1 in option)
  • Intermediate Rear Tray: 330x80mm, 3 galleries
  • Lower rear tray: 495x145mm, 3 galleries