2 hook IV pole

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The stainless steel 2 hooks IV pole

The 2 hooks IV pole (ref-985-01) is an accessory suitable for many Promotal examination table. With an fixed height of 145cm, the serum pole holder is very easy to fixe and use. Its size can be reduced depending on the setting on the clamp. The rod is provided with two secure hooks.

IMPORTANT: An accessory like a clamp or a support will often be necessary in order to attach and to use this accessory.

For more information, please, consult the Promotal electronic catalog, the related products sheets or contact us.

List of products compatible with the 2 hooks IV pole (ref: 985-01):

  • Quest examination couch
  • Duolys medical couch
  • Hydro treatment couch
  • Quest Cardio exam couch
  • Original 118 consultation table
  • Fixed treatment table Fidji
  • Deneo blood sampling chair
  • Elansa gynaecological couch
  • Elite gynaecological and urological couch
  • Elineo transfer stretcher
  • Ambeo day surgery chair
  • Swifi transfer chair