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Instruments tray

Instruments tray

  • Hygiene: 100% stainless steel tray
  • Support: Stainless steel rod
  • Promotes Hygiene (sterilizable tray)
  • Size 240x180x30mm
  • Easy fixing to Promotal blood sampling chair

REF : 70964

165,00 € tax excl.
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Porte rouleau de dossier pour table d'examen

Paper-roll holder (head-end)

Dimension max: ø 200mm, width 800mm

List of available products:

  • Quest examination couch
  • Quest Cardio exam couch
  • Hydro treatment couch
  • Original 118 consultation table
  • Fixed treatment table Fidji

REF : 2056-02

79,00 € tax excl.
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*depending on model