Sterilizer indicator tag 134°C 18 min

Test de stérilisation Prions
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Not to neglect this test to guarantee the efficiency of the sterilization result with the autoclave and to assure a real follow-up and a traceability.



The EC.PRION sterilization indicator can change the ink color in ideal sterilization conditions and offers a reliable answer independently of the place where it is placed inside packagings to be sterilized because it is not affected (with accelerations or slowings ) if it is placed in a vertical position.

The modification of the ink color allows to identify quickly the packages which were already sterilized.


Medical devices EC.PRION don't contain substance derived of human blood, directive 2007 / 47 / CE 93 / 42 / EEC.

There is none animal tissu who was used during the production 2003 / 32 / CE.