Beaumond BX4000 gynaecological table

Table de gynécologie à hauteur variable Beaumond
  • Capacity
    200 kg
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The gynaecological table with electric variable height Beaumond combines simplicity and efficiency

The Beaumond gynaecological table with electric variable height offer comfort to the patient and the practitioner through its foldable leg cushion. Its capacity of up to 200kg and the variable height of 54cm to 93cm to optimize access from the patient to the gynaecological table. A comfortable and convenient approach to medical gynaecological examination while maintaining a limited budget allowing specialists access to promotal’s guarantee of quality. You can choose stirrups or legrests and adapt the gynaecological table to fit your practice.

Standard features of the gynaecological table Beaumond

  • Electric variable height from 54 to 93cm
  • Gas-spring or electric-spring assisted adjustable backrest
  • Foldable or removable leg cushion (depending on models) or removable (optional)
  • Hand grips
  • Pair of stirrups or leg rest (depending on models)
  • Integrated paper roll holder
  • Sterilisable, sliding and removable ABS pan
  • Manual seat tilt 16°
  • Levellers under base
  • Pedal control
  • Patient capacity up to 200kg
  • Steel structure with ABS light grey covering