Pair of rails with clamps

Pair of rails with clamps
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Pair of rails with sliding clamps

The pair of rails 2065-78 is an accessory to use with sliding clamps on Duolys medical couch (depending of options and models). It can be substituted by a screwed fastening system (ref : 25351)

For more information, please, consult the Promotal electronic catalog, the related products sheets or contact us.

List of accessories related with the rails ref 2065-78:

  • Pair of legrests (ref: 840)
  • Pair of stainless steel stirrups (ref: 850)
  • Pair of Goeppels (ref: 12845)
  • Pair of stirrups with coating (ref: 12850)
  • Pair of handgrips (ref: 856)
  • Armrest (ref: 2536)
  • Medical lamp - You may need a medical exam lamp support for clamp
  • Auto-locking 2 hook IV pole (ref: 2985-01)
  • 2 hook IV pole (ref: 985-01)

List of products compatible with the pair of rails ref 2065-78:

  • Duolys medical couch

Related fastening system:

  • Sliding rail clamp
  • Rotating clamp