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Etau rotatif pour rails
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Sliding rotating rail clamp

The sliding rotating rail clamp 879-10 is an accessory to use on rails on Elite and Duolys exam couches (depending of options and models). It allow fastening of many accessories, such medical lamp or IV pole. This rotary clamp promotes a better adjustment of the accessory on the rail length.

For more information, please, consult the Promotal electronic catalog, the related products sheets or contact us.

List of accessories related with the sliding rotating rail clamp ref 879-10:

  • Pair of legrests (ref: 840)
  • Pair of stainless steel stirrups (ref: 850)
  • Pair of Goeppels (ref: 12845)
  • Pair of stirrups with coating (ref: 12850)
  • Pair of handgrips (ref: 856)
  • Armrest (ref: 2536)
  • Medical lamp - You may need a medical exam lamp support for clamp
  • Auto-locking 2 hook IV pole (ref: 2985-01)
  • 2 hook IV pole (ref: 985-01)

List of products compatible with the sliding rotating rail clamp ref 879-10:

  • Duolys medical couch (only models with rails)
  • Elite gynaecological and urological couch (only models with rails)