4365 pediatric table

Table de pédiatrie 4365
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    135 kg
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The 4365 pediatric table, the pediatric must :

All health professionals need equipment adapted to their patients. This is especially the case in pediatrics, with babies and young children. With more than 50 year’s experience in this area, Promotal offers the 4365 pediatric table. Its special antibacterial upholstery with high edges assures a high level of safety and limits the risks of falls for your young patients.  The working height of 92cm facilitates all tasks linked to health and hygiene for babies.

The 4365 table: the quintessential changing table

Fixed height (92cm), 135kg patient capacity, light and strong steel frame, comfortable upholstery, wide choice of colours... the 4365 changing table is the perfect instrument for a successful pediatric practice. The fully welded steel frame enables easy access to all parts for cleaning allowing maximum hygiene. Easy movement thanks to its lightweight design. The drawer1 and shelf2 allow for easy practice of your activity, with all your accessories at hand.

Available in numerous colours, all that remains for you to do is to choose the one that suits you and your examination room.

1 Drawer optional
2 Shelf available as an accessory

The standard features of the 4365

  • Fixed height: 92cm
  • Reduced dimensions: length 100cm, width 60cm
  • Patient weight capacity 135kg
  • Interlocking feet
  • Upholstery with 3 raised sides, M1 fire retardant covering with antibacterial protection
  • Polyester epoxy-coated steel frame, light grey

More about the 4365


  • Upholstery with raised sides
  • Reduced dimensions: length 100cm, width 60cm
  • Lightweight for easy movement
  • Easy to use: drawer (optional) and shelf (accessory)


  • All the outer parts are accessible for cleaning
  • Covering with antibacterial protection


  • M1 fire retardant upholstery
  • 2 adjustable levellers for optimal stability
  • Patient weight capacity 135kg


  • Working height: 92cm