Foot care chair Apolium

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Made in France, Apolium is based on a large observational survey of foot care  specialists-podiatrists, Apolium has been designed to adapt seamlessly to your work practice.

Réf 2800–10 Accessible to all : Mechanical + Memorised height 110 cm

Réf 2800-20 Positioning support: Gas actuator + Memorised height 110 cm

Réf 2800-30 Programmable : Electric actuator + programmable height


  • Chair shape studied to provide the human body with the most comfortable natural positioning possible, reducing pressure at surface contacts as far as is possible.
  • Streamlined design that integrates easily into your work surroundings.
  • Seamless, easy-to-clean upholstery.
  • Ease of accessibility for persons with limited mobility, via the front or side of the chair.
  • Excellent stability in all positions.


  • Bilayer Bodyshape1 upholstery with shape memory that helps the patient to relax.
  • Wireless intuitive foot pedal that allows smooth movement tailored to the patient’s need.
  • Customised programming of your two favourite positions accessed with a single click.
  • Emergency battery (optional) and pan as accessories.
  • Maximum cleaning and maintenance convenience ensured by easy access to all exposed parts, the use of antibacterial and class-M1 fireproof upholstery, together with the appropriate protective accessories.


  • Low position down to 51 cm, high position up to 154 cm.
  • Separate leg rests functional with adjustable depth (+ 20 cm) and spacing.
  • First podiatry chair to be made fully safe with no pinching areas and fitted with a safety sensor.
  • Ergonomic controls: chair height controlled via a wireless intuitive foot pedal with simple adjustment of leg rests.

1 Bodyshape: The patient is not repositioned when the chair is raised.