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Armrest for examination couch and blood sampling chair

The armrest (ref-2536) is an accessory dedicated to sampling. This accessory have to be attached with a clamp (ref-166) on one of the locations of your examination couch in order to have an additional tool for expanding your medical practice. The armrest is adjustable in height and angle for a better use in your practice. Available in black color, it is possible to cover it with a protective colored cover (ref-2537) to facilitate cleaning and to improve the longevity of the armrest.

IMPORTANT: An accessory like a clamp or a support will often be necessary in order to attach and to use this accessory.

For more information, please, consult the Promotal electronic catalog, the related products sheets or contact us.

List of accessories related to the medical armrest ref 2536:

  • Pair of clamps (ref: 166 / essential for attachment on some examination table)
  • Armrest cover (Ref: 2537)

List of products compatible with the medical armrest ref 2536:

  • Quest examination couch
  • Duolys medical couch
  • Hydro treatment couch
  • Quest Cardio exam couch
  • Original 118 consultation table
  • Fixed treatment table Fidji